Fraud Awareness Tips

Boomley LLC takes Fraud seriously, it can be easy to fall victim, there is no sure way to prevent fraud, caution & awareness is the best defense. Please review our tips below, and use your best judgment in all transactions. Help us stop fraud. If you receive a suspicious email or are the victim of a scam, email us described below and contact the appropriate law enforcement authorities right away.

Follow these steps if you belive you have been a victim or a scam.

We don't own, buy or sell equipment listed on our site.

Boomley LLC manages websites and mobile apps where that connects equipment buyers with sellers. We are not equipment dealers of any sort. Any listing information about a particular equipment comes directly from the seller and not from Boomley LLC. If you receive an email that implies we're selling or buying a vehicle, please report it to us and to law enforcement. It's most certainly a scam.

We don't offer automotive warehousing or shipping services.

Any email that requests a deposit or payment for a shipment of a equipment stored in an Boomley LLC warehouse is a scam. Boomley LLC does not own a warehouse, and we don't ship equipments. Simply put, we don't get involved in transactions between buyers and sellers (see more below). There are many reputable warehousing and shipping services that can make long-distance transactions easy. Just be sure to check out the services proposed on your own. If a seller recommends a warehousing or shipping service, report the seller to us and to law enforcement.
We don't get involved in transactions between buyers and sellers.
Don't respond to any email that appears to come from Boomley LLC (for example, by displaying our logo) and urges you to complete the sale or purchase of a equipment listed on our site. Such emails are a sure sign of a scam.
Other signs of fraud are emails that:
  • Claim the security of a transaction is guaranteed by Boomley LLC.
  • Imply we've verified information about a particular buyer, seller or listing.
  • Describe a "preferred" or "pre-approved" buyer or seller program.
Boomley LLC doesn't guarantee or endorse transactions, and we don't have preferred or pre-approved buyers or sellers. We'll never encourage you to buy any particular vehicle listed on Boomley LLC or to sell your vehicle to any particular buyer. If you receive a suspicious email such as the ones described above, report it to us and to law enforcement.

We don't ask you for personal or financial information via email.

Online fraud often begins with a spoof email requesting financial information. These spoof, or scam, emails often impersonate a reputable company such as Boomley LLC by illegally displaying a company's name, logo or trademark. The intent is to deceive customers into revealing information such as:
  • Username
  • Password
  • Social security number
  • Bank account number
  • Bank routing number
  • Credit equipmentd number
The only time we'll ever request your credit equipmentd information is when you're in the process of purchasing an ad on our traditional website. We will not take down your listing purchased through our traditional website because you don't provide account information. If you receive an email that asks for the kinds of information listed above, don't respond. Instead, report the email to us and to law enforcement.

We don't inspect equipment listed on our platforms.

Boomley LLC does not inspect any of the equipment listed on any of our platforms and we do not take responsibility for any of the equipment conditions or misleading descriptions. Before committing to a purchase with a seller we strongly urge you to view and test the equipment in person to ensure it meets your satisfactions. If by all means you are unable to view the equipment in person we recommend as a second alternative to conduct a live video call so you can see and hear the equipment and help you in determining if you want to proceed in the purchase of your equipment.

Flood Damage Equipment.
It can be difficult to spot a flood damage vehicle specially if you are relying solely on images and video. Follow these tips to avoid purchasing a flood-damaged vehicle. This damaged equipment may make it into the used equipment market all over the U.S. and may be sold to unsuspecting buyers.
Be aware that flood-damaged equipment may have been: If you own a flood-damaged vehicle, contact your insurance company. Your insurance company can work with vendors to determine if your equipment is worth repairing or if it needs to be declared a total loss.
Beware of fraudulent escrow services and protect yourself with secured payment.
For a fee, an escrow service holds the buyer's payment until the seller has delivered the item purchased. Such a third-party service can protect both parties from fraud. However, scammers often set up fake escrow services. They claim an affiliation with well-known companies like Boomley LLC and TRUSTe, for example, to create a sense of security. Boomley LLC does not offer any escrow services or endorse all escrow services and TRUSTe does not operate an escrow service. Protect yourself by using our preferred provider, Escrow.com for secured payments. Visit Escrow.com
Remember these tips before you agree to use an escrow service:
  • Avoid any service that implies an affiliation or partnership with Boomley LLC unless it is Escrow.com. You can confirm an escrow service by calling 1-866-Boomley LLC. Avoid any service that claims to be operated by TRUSTe. TRUSTe doesn't operate an escrow service.
  • Verify an escrow service's legitimacy by checking with state regulators.
  • Research the escrow service
  • Decline the transaction if the other party insists on using an escrow service that you’re not sure about.
  • Use a search engine to open the website in a different browser-don’t click on a link the seller provides
  • Dial the contact number listed
  • Search for the company on the BBB website.
And once you find an escrow service, you're comfortable with, be sure you understand:
  • What conditions must be met before the payment is released to the seller.
  • What the escrow service charges.
  • Which party is expected to pay the fee?
If any escrow-related email or website implies an affiliation with us by displaying our logo or by other means (except for our preferred provider, Escrow.com), report it to us and law enforcement. Check our Internet fraud resources section for more advice on escrow services.
Common-Sense Advice for Buyers
Buying a equipment you find online is a lot like buying a equipment through a classified ad in the newspaper. In either case, use your best judgment.
Know the equipment's market value
Be suspicious of a vehicle priced significantly below market value. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
Obtain a vehicle history report
A vehicle history report can provide useful information, such as who holds the title to the equipment and whether the equipment has been in an accident reported to authorities. You'll also find out whether the equipment was ever reported stolen, salvaged or damaged.
Inspect the equipment
Schedule an inspection with a professional mechanic or an inspection service if the equipment is not in your area. An early inspection can help you identify problems. However, keep in mind that an inspection isn't a warranty and won't guarantee a equipment is free from defects or that inspectors have identified all existing problems.
Check for Lien Holders
Research the vehicle and check for lien holders, ask for a copy of the title and have the signer put in writing there are no lien holders.
Confirm contact information
Before you send payment, verify the seller's street address and phone number- an email address is not enough. ZIP codes, area codes and addresses should match up. Be wary if the seller is located overseas.
Use email wisely
Avoid sending sensitive personal or financial information (such as your social security number, credit equipmentd number or checking account number) to a seller via email. Remember that email communications are not secure and can be easily forwarded to others.
Get a detailed receipt
Ask the seller for a receipt that states whether the vehicle is being sold with a warranty or "as is."
Get title to the vehicle
Make sure you know what's required in your state to transfer title to the vehicle you're buying.
Internet Fraud Resources
Visit the sites below to learn more about Internet fraud.
Better Business Bureau (BBB)
Be a Smarter Consumer
Tips to Avoid Online Escrow Fraud
Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
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Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC)
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National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB)
Search Database for Equipment Affected by Recent Hurricanes
Coordinating Committee of Automotive Repair (CEQUIPMENT)
Latest CEQUIPMENT consumer automotive news and recalls

Department of Motor Equipment
Contact Your State Department
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